What should happen to the masks was initially unclear

What should happen to the masks was initially unclear

The health authorities in Germany reported 1,045 new corona infections to the RKI within one day, as it was said on Thursday morning.

Spahn underlined the line of relying primarily on regional measures in the worst-case scenario. When asked when new restrictions would be necessary, Spahn emphasized that there were no "the one number to which everything can be reduced". "There is an increase factor – how much more dynamic is the infection process? There is the absolute number of infections. The healthcare system can handle around 1,000 new infections per day."

More than a million Corona cases recorded in Africa

There are now more than a million recorded cases of infections with the novel coronavirus in Africa. By Thursday evening (CEST), a total of 1,000,054 cases of infection had been counted on the continent, according to statistics from the AFP news agency based on official information. Nevertheless, Africa is still significantly less affected by the pandemic than other continents. Only in Oceania are there fewer recorded cases of infection.

The countries worst hit by the pandemic on the African continent are South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria. More than half of all cases of infection recorded on the continent have occurred in South Africa. There were around 538,000 infections and around 9,600 fatalities in the country by Thursday evening. In the global statistics of infection cases, South Africa ranks fifth behind the USA, Brazil, India and Russia.

Over 50,000 dead in Mexico

In Mexico, more than 50,000 people have now died in connection with the corona virus. The Ministry of Health reported 819 deaths on Thursday, making a total of 50,517. The number of confirmed new infections was given as 6,590. The total number is now 462,690 cases.

Britain bought 50 million unsuitable protective masks 

The British government’s series of breakdowns in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic is continuing. As it became known on Thursday, the Ministry of Health in London bought 50 million pieces of protective masks that are not suitable for use in hospitals. This emerges from court documents that are available to the German Press Agency.

The non-governmental organization Good Law Project accuses the government of violating competition rules when buying protective equipment in the pandemic. In a letter, government lawyers admit that 50 million protective masks are unsuitable for use by the National Health Service (NHS) because they are attached to the ears with elastic bands instead of behind the head. This does not guarantee that the masks are tight enough, so the reasoning.

The Good Law Project estimates that between 156 and 177 million pounds (the equivalent of around 173 to 196 million euros) were spent on the masks. What should happen to the masks was initially unclear. In addition, the purchase was arranged by a government advisor who, according to the BBC, also worked for the commissioned company.

Spanish campaign: cremation furnace hotter than mask

A campaign with which the Spanish capital Madrid tries to persuade its citizens to comply with the mask requirement at all times has caused considerable excitement. The controversial and impressive video "Protégete, protégenos!" (Protect yourself, protect us!) Shows a cremation at the end and warns the mask refusers: "Cremation furnace: 980 degrees. There are things that cause more heat than a protective mask".

That is "very bad taste" and "impious", complained users of social networks. Some media referred to the campaign as "hard" and "brutally" – But participants in TV talk shows replied that raising people’s awareness was necessary in view of the rise in new infections and the irresponsible laxity of many people.kill a mockingbird essay

Many complain that when the temperature in Madrid exceeds 35 degrees every day in summer, wearing a mask outdoors is torture – especially if you can keep the legally prescribed minimum distance of one and a half meters. The answer in the video: "Your apartment in summer: 32 degrees. Beers with friends: 30 degrees. Disco: 28 degrees. Hospital: 25 degrees. Intensive care unit: 22 degrees. Cremation furnace: 980 degrees."

USA lift warning against foreign travel 

The US is lifting its general warning against foreign travel. In view of the different developments, one will again proceed country-specific, announced the State Department in Washington. The nationwide warning was issued in March. The shares of US airlines rose after the announcement on Wall Street. The titles of the cruise company Royal Caribbean Cruises also rose by 3.3 percent.

Ohio governor tests positive shortly before Trump visit

Shortly before US President Donald Trump’s visit to Ohio, state governor Mike DeWine tested positive for the coronavirus. The Republican announced this on Thursday just a few hours before his planned meeting with the head of state via Twitter. DeWine should have welcomed Trump, who is visiting a company in Ohio, among other things, at the airport in Cleveland.

The prescribed test before contact with the president brought the positive result, DeWine reported. According to his own information, the 73-year-old has no symptoms and wants to quarantine himself at home for the next 14 days in accordance with the rules.

DeWine is the second US governor with a positive corona test. Oklahoma Prime Minister Kevin Stitt contracted the virus in July. He’s also a Republican. Occasionally wrong test results occur.

Rütte: Tourists should avoid parts of Amsterdam

The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has warned of a second lockdown and urged citizens to comply with the corona rules. He warned tourists to avoid busy places in Amsterdam. The danger of the spread of the corona virus is great, warned Rutte on Thursday evening in The Hague. In the Netherlands, the number of infections has risen very quickly in the past few weeks.

The Netherlands are tightening the requirements for restaurants and cafes. The reservation obligation for guests applies again with immediate effect. You must also leave your contact details. Travelers from risk areas are to be checked more closely in future for compliance with the quarantine obligation.

"We have to prevent a second lockdown, that can only be done together"the prime minister warned. The prime minister targeted young people. Stick to the rules, or we’ll all soon be stuck at home again." Many young people behaved irresponsibly. Rutte had canceled his vacation prematurely because of the rapidly increasing corona infections.

Survey: Almost every second person for harsher penalties for corona violations 

Almost every second person is in favor of harsher penalties for violating the corona measures. As from the ARD published on Thursday"Germany trend" According to Infratest Dimap, 46 percent are of the opinion that the current penalties do not go far enough overall. 36 percent think the penalties are sufficient. 11 percent of those surveyed are of the opinion that the penalties have already gone too far.

In the past few days, an increase in fines, for example for violating the mask requirement on buses and trains, had been discussed. North Rhine-Westphalia announced a tougher pace on Wednesday. Different rules apply to the subject in the federal states.

Most respondents (59 percent) consider the corona measures themselves to be sufficient. For a good quarter (28 percent), the current everyday restrictions and requirements do not go far enough, for one in ten (11 percent) they go too far. The concern that you or that members of your family will be infected is less big or small at 71 percent. For 28 percent, however, this concern is very large or large. If there was a vaccine, 44 percent would definitely get vaccinated and 30 percent likely. 12 percent each would probably not do this or under no circumstances.

Trump hopes for corona vaccine for election

US President Donald Trump expects an effective vaccine against the coronavirus this year. "Before the end of the year, it could be a lot earlier"said Trump on Thursday in an interview with the radio station WTAM. In "some cases" A vaccine could even be available by the time of the November 3 presidential election, Trump said. However, experts consider this schedule to be overly optimistic.

It usually takes several years to develop a new vaccine. Trump, however, is hoping for a much quicker breakthrough given the huge amount of effort and funding currently devoted to vaccine research. Government health experts such as the renowned immunologist Anthony Fauci have been cautiously optimistic that there could be an effective vaccine against the coronavirus by the end of the year or in the first half of 2021.

Further corona infections in Görlitz dormitory

After the outbreak of corona infections in a dormitory for people with disabilities in the Görlitz district, the number of those affected continued to rise. In the meantime, 23 other residents and 9 other employees have tested positive, the district announced on Thursday. According to the current status, 30 residents and 10 employees are infected in the facility.

In another dormitory for people with disabilities in Reichenbach, in the district of Sohland am Rotstein, residents and staff were also tested, but the results are still pending. A resident had also tested positive there. Quarantine was ordered in both of the affected facilities.

Los Angeles turns off electricity and water at Corona parties

The US metropolis of Los Angeles wants to turn off electricity and water for organizers of illegal large house parties from Friday to prevent the spread of the corona virus. The authorities responded to increased reports of large celebrations that were actually prohibited during the pandemic, said Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday.

In the event of repeated violations of the safety regulations, party organizers can turn off electricity and water within 48 hours. The big celebrations take place mainly in vacant houses or accommodations that can be rented for a short time. Bars and nightclubs in the California city are currently closed.

"We will not act lightly"said Garcetti. "But we will act and do everything we can to save lives and keep people safe." The new measures were aimed at residents who are determined to violate the applicable meeting restrictions. "These big parties are unsafe and can cost Los Angeles residents their lives", said Garcetti about the high risk of infection when many people stand close together without a protective mask. Small, ordinary gatherings in people’s private homes are not affected by the regulation.

Finland tightened travel regulations

Due to rising corona numbers in the affected countries, Finland will again restrict entry for people from the Netherlands, Belgium and Andorra from Monday. This means that Finland is reintroducing border controls for these countries and travelers from these countries are being asked to go into quarantine for 14 days and avoid contact with other people.

As the Finnish government announced on Thursday, people from Germany and Denmark can continue to enter the country without restrictions despite the increased infection rates there. The German and Danish increases could be traced back to local outbreaks. The situation would have to be reassessed if the rates were significantly above the threshold for Finland, as was the case in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Minister of Education: Lessons possible during Easter holidays

Due to possible educational gaps among the students, Brandenburg’s Minister of Education Britta Ernst (SPD) reserves the right to order compulsory classes for the next Easter holidays in view of the corona pandemic. Read more here.

Corona deniers announce new demo in Berlin

Opponents of the corona policy want to take to the streets again in Berlin on August 29. For a demonstration under the title "Gathering for Freedom" 17,000 participants were registered, a police spokesman told the AFP news agency on Thursday. At a subsequent rally, the Stuttgart initiative lateral thinking 711 expects a total of 22,500 participants.

Last Saturday, 20,000 people came to a similar rally. During the demonstration, the requirements were deliberately disregarded: the minimum distance was not observed, hardly anyone wore a mask. Read more about the demonstration last weekend here.

Because of the mask requirement: Union demands more freedom of action for train attendants

The union of German train drivers is demanding more skills for the train attendants so that the mask requirement can be better enforced on trains. It is currently not that easy, said chairman Claus Weselsky on Thursday. "Our colleagues outside on the trains have no leverage." The mask requirement must be included in the conditions of carriage and thus in the house rules of the railway.

The train refused. Such isolated solutions led to a confusing patchwork quilt. "Fines are the way to go for the unteachable"said board member Berthold Huber. He supported the action of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia, which introduced fines. In North Rhine-Westphalia they should be there without warning. In Berlin, the union presented a study published in June on the year 2018, according to which train drivers and train attendants are increasingly suffering physical attacks. Against this background, it is not easy for them to enforce the mask requirement.

Spahn: From Saturday onwards, tests are mandatory for returnees from risk areas

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn announced at a press conference on Thursday that from Saturday all holidaymakers who come back to Germany from a risk area must be tested. "Any undetected infection we find through it makes a difference"he explains. Here you can read more about it.

Lower Saxony: Corona outbreak in the slaughterhouse in Großenkneten

In Großenkneten in the district of Oldenburg, employees of a slaughterhouse tested positive for the corona virus.